Jalapeno Poppers

Image Credit: keyingredient.com Jalapeno Poppers are one of my husband’s favorite foods. He especially prefers the ones with the cream cheese filling. I always bought them from the frozen food section of the grocery store for him, until the day I found this sens [Read More...]

Carrot Cake – With or Without Eggs

Image Credit: showmethecurry.com Growing up, carrot cake was one of those mysterious desserts that I could not comprehend. How could something so moist and delicious come from a vegetable? Now that I’m older and wiser, I realize that the carrots are what make th [Read More...]

Championship Ham and 2 Cheese Tailgating Sliders

Image Credit: keyingredient.com I’ll let you in on a secret, these Championship Ham and 2 Cheese Sliders from Karen S. on Key Ingredient are good even when it’s not football season. You make them a day ahead, so they do work well for parties. When it’ [Read More...]

My Favorite Meatloaf – The Pioneer Woman

Image Credit: keyingredient.com When I think of comfort foods, one that always comes to mind is my Mom’s meatloaf. Try as I might, mine just never seemed to measure up to hers. That is until I found this version of the Pioneer Woman’s ‘My Favorite Me [Read More...]

Four Cheese Caprese Pizza

Image Credit: keyingredient.com Whoever thought of combining a Caprese salad with pizza gets a gold star in my book. And the winner is Helen (#1) C, a contributor over on Key Ingredient, for her Four Cheese Caprese Pizza recipe. Use your favorite pizza dough recipe, o [Read More...]

Spicy Chimichurri Burgers

Image Credit: keyingredient.com While burgers may be an all-American invention, they really are a blank slate when it comes to flavor profiles. You can customize them with spices and ingredients from all over the world. And since Mexican and Latin American flavors are [Read More...]

Cheesy Bacon Bombs

Image Credit: keyingredient.com I love a good tailgate party as much as the next person, but when it comes to the food, I want more than hot dogs on a Hibachi. That’s why this recipe for Cheesy Bacon Bombs by Key Ingredient caught my attention. I mean what coul [Read More...]

Down Home Cornbread Dressing

Image Credit: iheartrecipes.com Stuffing, or dressing, is one side dish that flies off the table every holiday, so I am always looking for new ways to make it to keep it fresh for my family. When I came across this Down Home Cornbread Dressing recipe from Rosie at iHe [Read More...]

Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf

Image Credit: keyingredient.com This Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf combines two of my favorite comfort foods into one amazing dish. I found this over at Key Ingredient, but it really comes from the folks at Kraftrecipes.com. The kids love the blue box mac and c [Read More...]

Green Bean Casserole Minis

Image Credit: keyingredient.com In our house, it’s not a holiday meal without the green bean casserole. Well, with this Green Bean Casserole Minis recipe from contributor Nancy J. at Key Ingredient, now I can make these anytime. They are super easy and fun to ma [Read More...]